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Stari Grad has a long history - the first documented traces were found in 384 B.C. when settlers from the Greek island of Paros founded the polis or city - state of Faros. Stari Grad’s most famous ancient habitant is general Demetrius, a short-term governor of the Illyrian state and an associate of powerful Hannibal from Kartaga.
After Demetrius’ failure in 219 B.C., the town became dependent on Rome and remained so until late antiquity. There are numerous monuments that are evidence of the town’s turbulent history which can be seen in numerous points during a walk through the old city centre as well as in the museums. Medieval history starts with the arrival of the Slavs – Croats during the 6th and 7th centuries with the town inheriting an ancient tradition.
It was the seat of the Medieval diocese of Hvar which later became Novi Grad back in 1278 when the diocese and its administration was transferred, whilst the old Hvar (Faros, Pharia) took the name Stari Grad, which is still carries today.
During the Renaissance period, it was the country seat of Hvar’s nobles and one of them - Petar Hektorović, poet and architect mentioned it a great deal. The baroque 17th and 18th centuries was when most of the town’s churches and residences were built, whilst in the 19th century, when Stari Grad was a port with a large fleet of its own sailboats, the town’s coastal front was established.

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This Ancient town of priceless historical heritage will undoubtedly leave every visitor breathless. A walk through the colourful Mediterranean streets to the Dominican monastery, over to Tvrdalj – native home of the famous poet Petar Hektorović and parish church of St. Stephen is actually a walk through time and a long and fruitful history of the city.
In addition to the historical monuments and relic, Stari Grad will also delight you with its cultural events during the entire summer season: Stari Grad Summer manifestation, concerts and recitals and the International Summer Music School is held here. Sports lovers will enjoy the Faros Marathon – international championship in swimming.
With its rich and high quality tourist offer Stari Grad is one of the most desirable and most visited places in the island of Hvar. Surrounded by thick pine forest with fertile vineyards and olive groves, refreshing summer breeze and many more, Stari Grad will surely provide an unforgettable vacation.

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A unique and one of the most recognizable natural sights of Hvar. It is a cluster of 20 and more islands surrounded by clear azure sea, intact Mediterranean nature and numerous hidden and intimate beaches and abandoned lagoons.

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One more of Hvar’s destinations rich with cultural and archaeological localities dating back to the Neolithic and Antique eras.

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Set on the south side of Vid Mountain – the highest peak of Adriatic islands which offers a fascinating view of Brač, Hvar, Zlatni rat and entire Brač channel.

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The largest city of the region, is an urban centre of all transport routes for the whole Dalmatia, as well as the home of late Roman Diocletian’s Palace - a priceless cultural and historical monument under UNESCO’s protection.


Šetalište Don Šime Ljubića 7, Stari Grad, Island Hvar, Hrvatska


There are several ferry and catamaran routes each day from Split to Stari Grad port situated approximately 15 minutes walking distance from Villa Apolon. There are also buses, car and boat taxis available for transport all over the island. Time duration of the ferry from Split to Stari Grad is two hours.


Stari Grad is well connected with the towns of Hvar and Jelsa, thus it can be reached from both towns by bus with several daily bus routes. In addition, there are many car and boat taxis which take up to minimal 15 minutes from both Hvar and Jelsa to Stari Grad.


There are two catamaran routes from island of Brač to island of Hvar – from Bol to Jelsa and from Milna to Hvar. There are several daily routes available for both during the summer tourist season. Since there is no direct routes from Brač to Stari Grad, one should take a bus or a car/boat taxi from Jelsa/Hvar to reach Stari Grad.


Journey by ferry from Drvenik (Makarska Riviera) to town of Sućuraj on the island of Hvar takes up to 35 minutes. It is then possible to reach Old Town via 60 km long island road by a car or a taxi.